Marilí says that everything is "the fruit of loves and hates planted in her, since the day she picked up a guitar and learned that this embrace would last forever."

Singer, songwriter, her voice and her guitar, a single song. She grew in a family that combined different cultural influences. On the maternal side, the tradition of European immigrants who gave birth to the tango and, on the paternal side, the interior of the Argentine folklore, particularly of Santiago del Estero. Between these two currents, she grew and was taking his own musical style: the synthesis between the telluric and the urban. His art is based on the flexibility of his voice, his tone playful, allowing her to betray at times overwhelming force and in others a gentle intimacy. With his voice carries us in a personal way to each corner of the tango and the music from the continent. Marilí accounts for a large number of performances and awards at film festivals in the interior of Argentina.

She began his solo career back in 1991, but before that belonged to different vocal groups, one of them (along with his brothers Jose Luis and Patricia) call, "Trio de los hermanos Machado" ("Trio of the Machado’s brothers and sisters"). Then, at the time that she graduated of children’s theater teacher, she participated in plays for children to return to another vocal group "Grupo País", then "Grupo Antares". But definitely was in 1992 when he consecrated "Revelation" at the Jesús Maria’s festival and in 1994 also "Revelation", nothing less, than in the Cosquín’s festival. This was the key moment in her decision to start her solo carreer.

Since then and until the date, she made tours abroad with orchestras led by renowned teachers: Orlando Tripodi, Alberto di Paulo, Osvaldo Montes and Anibal Arias, among others. She belonged to the Forever Tango’s company , with which she presented in many scenarios in the United States. In Argentina, she was in the most renowned theaters and auditoriums. She has recorded several cds by herself and with the artists with whom she shared scenarios.

Toured the world as a cultural representative of Argentina. In the nineties appeared in numerous festivals in the provinces of Salta, Tucuman, La Rioja, Catamarca, Jujuy, Ushuaia, among others, alongside renowned musicians and friends in the years she lived in Cordoba, Fabrizio Aballay, Chato Diaz, Luis Levin, H Ordanini, P. Dante Bovarini Ascain, Esteban Gutierrez, Marcos Depetris, Dario, Pucho Ponce, Tito Carteccini, among others. At the same time toured the countryside with Horacio Guarani. She appeared on national radio with his show "La canción de nosotros" (The song of us), in addition to sharing the stage with Yamila Cafrune and Silvia Lallana. It was the hand of Carlos Flores of the prestigious Los Laikas’ group that could crystallize her first tour in Japan and together they released an album (RCA Victor) in that country. She was also in Japan with the typical tango orchestra led by Orlando Tripodi, along with Nestor Rolan, Hugo Romero, the master Mauricio Marcelli, Victor Lavalle, and the exquisite pair then Guillermina and Roberto Reis. Were 60 concerts across the country. Later she became edition CD with music from that show. In Cordoba, 1995, she edited a CD sponsored by the municipality and Eladia Blázquez, "Mujeres de Córdoba" (women in Cordoba). She burned her own CDs from different genres, "Quimera" (Chimera), in 1996 with arranges of Dante Ascain and Mauricio Marcelli. Finally located in Buenos Aires, from 1997 played in the Casablanca’s local. Also with Mayoral and Elsa Maria in the show "Los Grandes del Tango" (The biggest ones of the Tango) at the Cafe Tortoni with Rubén Ferrero, show "Hacedor de palabras" (Maker of words).

In the National Library, the San Telmo Scalla showing of "fruit of love" at the Cervantes National Theater with the orchestra of Juan de Dios Filiberto directed by Osvaldo Piro, in the main hall of the House of Government of the City Buenos Aires and the excellent guitarist Horacio Avilano Avilano and his brother Charles, also coupled with Guillermo Fernandez and Veronica and great dancers Bernadaz Marcelo and Sandra and Gabriel Ortega Heras is presented in the Province of Buenos Aires with great success by the local press. In the Golden Hall with maestro Lucho Servidio on piano and arrangements, Daniel Cucci on bass and the great renowned artist and dancer Graciela Cabrera and his brother Jose Luis. Also next to Vattuone, Ines Garcia, Gebr.Avilano and O. Mangione a cycle in the cafe of the Bauen Hotel. His third and fourth Japanese tour in 1999 and 2001 with Alberto Di Paulo and his great orchestra. Later in June 2004 in Japan again with Anibal Arias y Osvaldo Montes and between October and December of that year in Germany presenting the show "Mujeres Argentinas with friend and renowned musician Coco Fernandez on piano / bass, piano Thomas Schuldt and Rene Garcia on bandoneon. We also remember his step as a singer in the cast of the house Homero Manzi. No leading their tours in Germany by the hand of his sister Lea Machado who through their struggle for human rights purposes received presentations to help labor cooperatives in Argentina, among other objectives, Austria, next to Martin Alvarado (singer sensitive guitarist), Belgium, Italy, Spain have been the scene to act as a Cultural Representative of Argentina. In Berlin performed the Misa Criolla Argentina with the chorus of Friedesch Palast in Berlin to highlight the recent recording of his CD, "La Canción Nuestra", accompanied by Argentine bandoneon player Rene Garcia in some songs. It is worth pointing out the last two years 2005 and 2006 tours to Germany, the latter in which he had the opportunity to be invited to sing along with renowned musician and singer songwriter Pippo Pollina the theme "Amazing grace" and be accompanied by a recognized Gabriel Merlino young bandoneon player in one of the concerts.And in those years the shows at La Casona del Teatro de Beatriz Urtubey first cycle in 2005 having shared a night of exquisite performance with singer Luis Fillipelli and beginning in February 2006 its successful second season, recorded live at the house Marilí recording their new material Machado "In Concert" with Juanjo Hermida and Leandro Clerici, in the same year was introduced at the City of Cordoba as a guest singer at the Provincial Music Citizen Orchestra conducted by maestro Osvaldo Piro. Continue with presentations at La Casona del Teatro de Beatriz Urtubey, paying tribute to the great with guests like Samy Mielgo on guitar, the guitars of pure Guapas, dancers and Mariano Silvia Vaccaro, Leandro Clerici in percussion, Guillermo Ferrer low, Carla Algeri on bandoneon and arrangements and address the significant and prestigious pianist and arranger Juan Alberto Pugliano. Participated with his voice and his guitar in bars cycle Notables. Year 2007, joined the cast of Piazzolla Tango stable alongside great artists such as the teacher Pugliano and Carlos Buono as directors and recognized the young singer Ricardo Marin among others who made presentations in Brazil, Chile and Cordoba (Argentina). It continues with his performances at La Casona del Teatro, and is invited in May to close the festival that opened the great Joan Manuel Serrat "Musiques the Mon" at the Teatre Principal in Menorca Spain, with artists from different regions and accompanied by two excellent musicians Simon West and Marco Mezquida in percussion and piano respectively, offering a broad repertoire of Latin American music