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Germany tour 2015

Marili machado is currently touring Germany until the end of October.
In order to see all the dates of the tour, visit the "Tours" section.

2011-10-12 17:33:57

Presentation of "A MERCEDES" VOL. 1 in Germany

A show that covers essential life and work of the largest and

influential female voice that has given Argentina and undoubtedly all of America: Mercedes Sosa.
National singer-that place where the urban and rural song merge in a single-artist of exquisite design: Machado Marili through a double album and a show room is taxed a deep tribute to the remarkable Tucumán.
The first Mercedes, the taxpayer build the new song, the first consecrated by Cosquín and then the world, which held out his handto other generations and styles go by.
Marili rediscovers refocuses want your own vision, those songs
core of our popular culture. On the record shows the variety of repertoire with which Mercedes was handled and the show, a thread, synthetic and defining text, will network, connecting the parts of a total personality of an exemplary woman, who was always true to himself same, to their repertoire, their ideas.
Machado sings Marili Mercedes Sosa. Two women, two artists, one way to dignify the best musical tradition in Argentina. Tour in November. December 11/09/2011

2011-03-14 13:14:51

La novicia rebelde

Posted on La Nación newspaper (ARG) about the play in which Marilí is acting.

Click here to see the note

2009-03-29 01:17:00

Marili in "Che, el musical Argentino"

Premiering April 16 at the Cultural Center Konex, our singer will be participating in this great film directed by Daniel Suarez Marzal in the role of "Celia de la Serna."

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2008-03-27 01:19:00

Marili in VotoLatino.com.ar

Marili has been included on the argentinian website ’Voto Latino’.
You can support the artist by voting on that page:

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Germany 2011


  • 04.11.2011 WENDELSTEIN Casa de la trova | www.latrova.de
  • 05.11.2011 ÜXHEIM Private concert
  • 09.11.2011 KÖLN Besenkammer
  • 13.11.2011 KASSEL Kreuzkirche
  • 19.11.2011 WAWERN ehem. Synagoge | www.stationk.de
  • 20.11.2011 BAD HONNEF Feuerschlösschen
  • 27.11.2011 BERLIN Ufafabrik | www.ufafabrik.de
  • 28.11.2011 INGOLSTADT NEUE WELT | www.neuewelt-ingolstadt.de
  • 04.12.2011 Jazzchmide. Dusseldorf
  • 07.12.2011 KÖLN Besenkammer

A Mercedes Vol. 2 (2014)